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Rocket fuel tanks drop contents when selected

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Whenever i select a rocket fuel tank after loading a game it drop all it`s contents on the ground. Happens for steam engines, liquid fuel tanks and oxydizer tanks. Only one not affected seems to be the solid booster (but that one doesn`t seem to use it`s fuel and lands full all the time). Happens only once after loading the game. After that the fuel stays in.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a rocket. Load it with fuel. Save the game. Load the game. Click on the fuel tanks.

User Feedback

Hmmm that's really odd, never happened to me. I'm here checking the bugs that were reported because I kind of have the opposite bug. My rocket ships come back from missions still fully loaded.

The only one that depletes so far (didn't make the hydrogen one yet), is the steam engine. My solid boosters, liquid fuel and oxidizer tanks come back from mission with 100% of fuel.

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I have seen both of this bug. Whenever I click on liquid fuel tank that is set to bellow maximum it drops fuel. Oxydizer tank too. I have also seen rockets returning fully fueled from missions.

Also when i try to increase capacity for liquid fuel tank it drops fuel.

And last but not the least when using oxylite dupes keep delivering all they can to oxydizer tank as if the amount i set is being ignored.

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I live with this bug some time and it evolved to this major bugs:

missing strings ui uisidescreens oxidizertank fuelamount

missing strings ui uisidescreens luqiedfueltank fuelamount

Now, then I trying to input any other amount of fuel, Duplicates ignore it and trying to deliver maximum number instead. Then oxylite drops out and start to melt. And this circle repeat. It's started then rocket "returned" from the space mission.

Trying to rebuild the whole rocket wont fix anything, but mission now possible with 2700kg of Oxylite only. It's kinda annoying, because I need only 900kg.

Two screenshots:


Oxilite 001.jpg

Oxilite 002.jpg



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