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  1. I am seeing the same error. The Besieged Cosmos Cycle 563.sav Player-prev.log Player.log
  2. Does that mean all 18 sleet wheat or 12 nosh beans seeds per harvest have a chance of mutation?
  3. As mentioned in title Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire can no longer be constructed inside solar panel tiles. I know this was possible before as I have been using it during my earlier plays and in screenshot I posted Heavi-Watt Conductive Wire can be seen built inside solar panel tiles to the left. I have built this sonar panel tiles some time before latest patch and then it was working without issue.
  4. I have storage bin filled with mud and next to it Sludge Press. Duplicant will constantly take out 1600kg of mud from storage bin, deliver 150kg to sludge press and then return remaining 1450kg back to s torage bin. Dreamland.sav
  5. When alert appears to warn the player that one of the colonies is low on food it does not seem to take into account hunger difficulty modifier. I was playing using ravenous hunger setting (+1000 kcal per dupe) which means my dupes needed 2000kcal per cycle. When alert message appeared it incorrectly states that 1000kcal is needed (it should be 2000kcal I had one dupe on that asteroid).
  6. 1) Send high velocity payload to planetoid 2) Dig the tile beneath it 3) Payload remains hanging in the same tile it was instead of falling down
  7. I have build 1 tile above the dupe in order to protect him from sunburn debuf while he was using telescope. Despite this dupe still got sunburn.
  8. I have a duplicant who will not eat in great hall and so misses on morale bonus. I have checked everything i could think of. Room is designated as great hall, I have enough food, dupe in question has a table assigned, there is enough downtime. All other dupes pick up a food from the box and go to hall to eat but this one (Turner) just sits on the ground without going to great hall. I have tried reloading the game and destroying/rebuilding, unassign/assign table nothing worked. Beyond.sav
  9. This also happened to me when uprooting wild arbor trees
  10. As title says ingredients for recipe queued for productions are constantly delivered until there is large amount of given resource in refinery. In attached screenshot there 11+ tons of gold amalgam. 1. First I thought its Auto-Sweeper bug, but I have observed same behavior even after I disabled it and had dupes manually supply the refinery. 2. Production was set to infinite. 3. When switching recipe from gold to iron or steal refinery would not work until I tasked dupes to empty storage.
  11. You were right. Sandbox/pause combo is why I did not see new plants. Thanks for the help
  12. I honestly don't remember i will try again and send update.
  13. When game world is created using existing map seed new plants do not spawn even tough they existed when the world was first created.
  14. Usually before I start a new game I reveal map in debug mode to decide whether or not I like the map seed. In QoL branch I constantly see pockets of magma outside of abyssalite/neutronium shell and quite often shell itself is broken exposing oil biome to direct contact with lots of magma. I am not sure is this a bug, but seeing as this would make the game quite pro blematic I decided to bring it your attention.