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Pulsing Lag every second

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The game lags/freezes in a pulsing fashion like clockwork every second. Frame rates  (using the steam frame rate monitor) are not affected and remain steady. The issue is save file specific as reverting to an earlier save fixes the issue while restarting the game does not. This occurs both on the live branch and the hotfix branch.

Merry Pigpen.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Unknown. But is persistent in save file

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

What're your specs? Did you try making a copy of the save and seeing if that fixes it? What did you do in between the the aforementioned previous save? 

If you have an output log, do you think you could upload it?

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Did you load my savefile and find the issue not reproducible?Specs and log file attached. It doesn't seem like spec related lag though. It is a timed freeze of the game synced exactly with the game clock with no variation. Normally when the game over-stresses the system the frame rate drops to 1 or so as everything slows down and does so irregularily. In this case the frame rate remains constant (~20fps) and the game becomes unresponsive (no scrolling or other action) for a split second every second. As to what I was doing... I am building a large set of hatch stables. Lots of building and rebuilding various components but nothing stand out since I didn't notice a correlation with any task. One unusual thing I did was I had previously reloaded a bunch of saves (working backward in the autosaves) because a different bug (autosweepers cease functioning under high workload sometimes) broke part of my build.

And I didn't do anything between going from the bugged save to functional save though I restarted the game, then the computer, earlier to see if that fixed it. Then reloaded the bugged save then an older save. Further, the bug is also present in windows version of this game (tested it there as well).



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