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Priority not working

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While playing the game, I came to a strange bug that only appears in my last game. Priority is not working at all. You can see it on the file that I have uploaded. Just for confirmation, it's been three days that the dupes are ignoring the 9 priority and whatever priority I put on other things to do, they do everything except those with 9....


Steps to Reproduce
Sadly, it occurs on one game. Cannot reproduce for the moment. Will edit if I find how to reproduce.

User Feedback

Looks like that three 9 priority mining is unreachable. (i dont see the priority on the algae next to the digging on the picture)

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I have a "sweep" at priority 9 for food that has decayed (easily in reach, as the dupes will walk past it to pick up food to eat) which is being ignored, even with all buildings and other orders set to Priority 1.  Apparently my dupes are refusing to sweep up a priority 9, polluted oxygen source, in favor of digging and building at priority 1.  But a priority 6 "ration box" takes priority over a priority 5 dig or build.

Seems like something isn't right when issuing a sweep order with priority.

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First, oddly, BMPs are not easily viewed in browsers and must be downloaded first and viewed in an external viewer; try JPG or PNG instead next time.

Second, do you have space in your ration box or fridge for the food?

I have noticed a priority issue in build 214633 with the massage table but that's it so far.

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