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  1. Anyone else had a brand new base start off with something weird like this? It seems the tile floor, Ration Box and Printing pod came in normally, but there is algae covering them, my dupes are standing on a layer of algae and will have to dig out the printing pod and ration box, as well as far less oxylite in the initial spawn area than I am used to seeing.
  2. I will give that a try. maybe FoW is why it can't be dug up. Up to now I'd just pushed through, and for most things used the instant build for items I needed of a specific material. Thank you both for concise advice for me to try.
  3. I can get the debug mode open, I can paint in cells. I wanted to test a few things, but didn't want to build an oxygen source for my experimenting, so I painted in a large quantity of oxylite (20,000 kg) so I'd have plenty of time to keep adequate oxygen for my duplicants. After it's painted in, it shows up on my screen as "unknown" and as a piece of the fog of war (out of site) So I tested a couple other things, I tried painting in a couple minerals (copper ore and gold amalgam ore) and not only do they show up on my screen as "unknown" they also cannot be assigned a dig order. I went to not selecting an element or quantity, only a temperature and painted an area with a temperature. Whatever I just painted became "unknown" Didn't matter if I was changing the temperature of sandstone, existing ore, oxygen, etc. Anyone else seen this? I mean, if it's a one off that only affects me I don't think it's worth bothering the developers for it, after all, the debug menu isn't for regular play.
  4. Priority not working

    I have a "sweep" at priority 9 for food that has decayed (easily in reach, as the dupes will walk past it to pick up food to eat) which is being ignored, even with all buildings and other orders set to Priority 1. Apparently my dupes are refusing to sweep up a priority 9, polluted oxygen source, in favor of digging and building at priority 1. But a priority 6 "ration box" takes priority over a priority 5 dig or build. Seems like something isn't right when issuing a sweep order with priority.