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Possible memory leak when loading multiple times a saved game

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Hi there,

I think there may be a memory leak that occurs after loading your saved game multiple times.


The capture above was taken after ~20 reloads. The problem happens both on my desktop and my laptop and no matter the size of the base (the bigger the base, the fastest performance is affected, though)

Thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce
1. Save your game 2. Reload the save multiple times without exiting to desktop
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Definitely true. I always have to quit the game and restart if I want to load a second game.

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Will confirm, bug is present in current build (LU 366134.)  On my system it's about 300MB of memory per game load.  Discovered because I missed Carnivore by 5k and went back to save scum :p  

Worth noting I monitored memory allocation for a few minutes afterwards and it did not return to normal, so this is a de-allocation failure/leak provided the GC routine is supposed to fire less than every 2-3 minutes.  Situation is unchanged whether paused or time running.

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