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  1. I also am having this issue (using the latest test build).
  2. I played about 10 cycles and tried again, still crashes. Looks like we won't be seeing that screen until the next patch.
  3. Pretty much what the title says. It only seems to happen with this save file. I tried a different one with no problem, although that save was created 1 build ago. The Cold Shoulder.sav
  4. uh... loaded up my game, clicked a Colony Achievement! notification and got sucked into a blackhole Edit: It happens consistently. Anyone else getting this? Edit: It only seems to happen with this one save file I have. Other games created in the last build didn't cause any problems.
  5. Huh... well that's obscure. Also a bit misleading that the ????? are under "World Composition", which sounds like nothing that could result in a rare item.
  6. When visiting some locations with 2 unidentified resources (clearly shown in the screenshots with the two (!!)) only 1 resource is actually revealed despite sending 5 research modules and ticking all 5 research boxes on the location. The 2 satellites in the screenshots were identical before I sent a rocket to research the one on the right. Side Note: I just realized that the Metallic Asteroid at 20k did the same thing. I visiting this one in a previous preview build (about last week) without a cargo module on the rocket. So I don't think the cargo module matters. The Cold Shoulder.sav Edit: I just explored the left Satellite and returned without a Vacillator recharge (as suggested by a comment below), or anything but the usual relic for that matter. It also only revealed 1 resource under World Composition. Edit: I tried starting a new game with the same seed. The space layout is completely different. I suspect that the changes over the testing builds between when I generated the asteroids may have something to do with the reported behavior, but I'll have to play through another run on this map to see for sure. Final Edit: Creating a new game with the same seed on the stable launch build, the celestial bodies appear to show the relevant number of ????? markers under World Composition. I played right up until the space exploration phase of the game and found no anomalies while exploring/researching the first 40km of celestial bodies. So feel free to close this bug report as I cannot find any evidence that it exists anymore.
  7. I can confirm this. I also just got a problem with water suddenly flashing to steam while digging near a volcano pocket surrounded by Abyssalite. The Golden Dump.sav
  8. Just load up the save and look for Stink in the top right of the base. Hellscape Zero.sav