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  1. Yeah, wouldn't want to lose those... I mean, it's bad enough Meep hit the fan... losing the non-attached bits is just disrespectful.
  2. I'll need to load up when I can to see how much this addresses my experience with the performance optimization patch immediately preceding this one. User experience feedback for previous patch: Context: Cycle 450ish, 90%+ map revealed, 19 dupes Computer = potato, er, great for 5-6 years ago: AMD FX-9590, 32 GB DDR3, ATI R9 NANO, 1 TB Samsung Evo SSD -- No overclocking Good News(TM): Average framerate ~18-21 fps -> ~29-30 fps Bad News(TM): While average framerate increased quite a bit, it introduced a fair amount of semi-periodic frame jerking. Haven't quite figured out the x+/-y yet so I'm wondering if it's something like shuffled garbage collection or maybe a complication from the streaming optimizations. The stutters aren't super bad, just irritating. There is maybe a tenth to a quarter second jerk every 5-15ish seconds. Sorry, I'd be more specific but I didn't get to fiddle with it long for much the same reason I haven't been able to check the current patch out yet. I'm not a "(Max_FPS -1) !? OMG!" 15-20 fps was perfectly acceptable and I'm ecstatic at getting 30 on late stage colony.
  3. Will confirm, bug is present in current build (LU 366134.) On my system it's about 300MB of memory per game load. Discovered because I missed Carnivore by 5k and went back to save scum Worth noting I monitored memory allocation for a few minutes afterwards and it did not return to normal, so this is a de-allocation failure/leak provided the GC routine is supposed to fire less than every 2-3 minutes. Situation is unchanged whether paused or time running.
  4. Yeah, it's a crash o matic now. I can't even get through a single cycle doing an expansion of my O2 distribution network to accomodate a new exosuit dock area.
  5. Including this comment because it might expand the scope of available codebase the bug could be hiding in. I had something similar happen yesterday, but it wasn't a shower. Truth be told, I'm not sure what it was as I was lucky to have seen it happen at all. Was scrolling past my water treatment/power plant when out of nowhere it blew up much like your bathroom did. Had just enough time to go "What the ****" before it punted me straight to desktop. Here's the thing though, the region where the unplanned rapid disassembly started? No pumps or liquid fixtures... just deodorizers and newly installed nat-gas vent piping.
  6. Done. The earliest one I'm not 100% certain is from before the update, but I'm including it because the .exe version I extracted (via Visual Studio) is the same. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180612-16.34.25.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180612-17.06.54.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180612-17.57.07.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272643_20180612-16.26.34.dmp
  7. So, post update my game is... maybe on average once every 30 minutes or so either going "sound skip -> not responding" or "sound skip"-> Desktop. I haven't been able to isolate any causes, it just seems random.
  8. Any chance we could get the specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity numbers added to the in-game database?