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Poor Workers getting trapped in the ground

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I was trying to get to the contaminated water area to try out some features when suddenly, while digging down the hole, poor Brady got glitched into the ground and suffocated to death. Not sure why it happen but its a bug to patch up.



Please patch this bug to remember Brady, he was a good man. He kept those generators running and gave up his life to help Klei make this game a better place.

Brady: cycle 1-15




Steps to Reproduce
I was telling some people to build a ladder down when Brady glitched though a wall as the night came.

User Feedback

I got same glitch after my guy fell 3-4 block down, he ended 2-3 tiles deep. Luckily I were able to dig them out before suffocation!

Rest in peace, Brady. Your sacrifice was not in vain!

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