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trying to heat an area for chilis and mushrooms, i installed  a space heater. after half an hour i checked the heat as my chilis werent growing right. the space heater seems to only be heating upwards and not in any space around it.

my walls are made of abysalite to keep temperatures inside from going into areas around it.


Steps to Reproduce
recreate the setup in the image. my maps always seem to have heat issues. my living area is always 20 degrees F average while the areas around me are at 70+

User Feedback

What gas is near the space heater? Does the room have a mix of different gases? What is the pressure of gases in that room? What material is the heater made from?

Its just easier to upload a save file and let people check what is going on than answering those and other questions related to this problem.

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To heat a room use warm water pipes to the room made with absyalite and in the room with made of sandstone. No Spaceheater will be needed. Water must be 40C minimum.

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How it looks on the picture is how the heat physics works. But because you have lots of cooling from the ceiling of the room it will take long time to heat that room.  If you insulate top of the room the heating will work beter. 

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