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  1. trying to heat an area for chilis and mushrooms, i installed a space heater. after half an hour i checked the heat as my chilis werent growing right. the space heater seems to only be heating upwards and not in any space around it. my walls are made of abysalite to keep temperatures inside from going into areas around it.
  2. Youre out of Algae and Carbon dioxide is rampant in your base(they cant breathe). I see 2 Algae De-oxidizers (oxygen generators) and 12 algae terrariums all looking for algae. thats a LOT of terrariums... Base is too big to maintain air pressure. you have 2 servings of food left with no power and a TON of power hungry devices. (6 refrigerators?) your dupes are holding their breath while sleeping so they wake up to breath elsewhere and thus have interrupted sleep. You can put them on a table all day long, but till they can breathe, eat and walk on dry land (not contaminated water), stress will never go down. what it boils down to is that you have done way too much expansion and building way too soon and have sucked up resources that should have lasted you through at least 50 cycles. Its not just Oxygen thats important... its also concentration of Oxygen and air PRESSURE. if you have low pressure, CO2 and other gasses get to move freely instead of separating as they should
  3. Building a puff/slime system, i found puffs opening manual airlocks and coming into the processing area. they sholdnt be able to open airlocks...
  4. nah. its definitely either a bug, or mentally unstable dupes who build a floor into their own heads
  5. Dupes will build a tile in the location of their head and then suffocate. <look at picture right under the bed templates to find 2 dupes who buried themselves> this has happened several times in this particular gameplay