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[OI - 233814] Dupe won't proceed past Exo checkpoint. Not enough info to tell way.

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Steam Pending

I setup an exosuit dock and checkpoint to work on a steam geyser. Only one dupe has door access permissions but it isn't working and dupe won't proceed. I cannot tell if it is a bug or if I am missing something. But if I am missing something then the lack of help info in what I am missing is also a problem.

Dupe is Travaldo in save.



Exo problems.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I built exostation in manner I thought was required.
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User Feedback

problem is no oxygen in the dock drop the suit until theres some oxygen in its inventory.  There seem to be a lot of odd bugs with exosuits.

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had incorrect solution

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Working fine for me after patching the bugs I already posted about.


Notice how there is now oxygen in the inventory.

Edit: Got a bit of animation error there, but I limited the oxygen input to 75 kg. I set the max capacity to 275 kg.


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