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  1. you only get 50 datadisks for each checkbox on the asteroid you send your rocket to, if you have all 5 things you only recieve 10 datadisks. There is definitely a rounding error though as you sometimes get shorted a point or two
  2. Thermal conductivity is based on the average of the two materials unless you're using Insulated piping or tiles, in which case it uses the minimum. Using normal piping made out of insulation effectively only halves thermal transfer. This is how it's been for several upgrades now.
  3. i have a dense puft stable with auto-wrangle surplus enabled. Dupes completely ignore the puflet prince, which shouldn't be in the room and choose to wrangle the dense pufts instead. Obviously auto-wrangle should prioritize creatures which aren't allowed in the room before attempting to auto-wrangle surplus critters The Messy Moonbase.sav
  4. Gassy moo cannot be groomed or autowrangled if critter dropoff or grooming station is directly next to a wall.
  5. solid fuel boosters are usable on steam rockets, oxidizer tank isnt. you can get to 20000 or even 30000 using solid boosters on steam. They will hand deliver the oxylite.
  6. T junctions delay packets - I wasnt aware they could do it that far back in the line though. You have a lot of Ts and +s near your reservoirs. removing these and m aking the pipe linear also fixes it.
  7. Saving and reloading with 2 rockets missions underway( with 2 rockets of different size) deletes any parts beyond the size of the first rocket. For instance launch a rocket with 6 modules and then launch another with 12 modules save and reload and 6 bottom parts of the rocket with 12 modules will be gone when the rocket returns. 2 saves included - 1st is before launching, 2nd is after both rockets have launched. you can see the mass is significantly less than it should be for the petrol rocket in the second save. When it returns its missing all but the top 6 sections. prelaunch Cycle 540.sav rocket deleted.sav
  8. Oxidizer tank or fuel tank will randomly empty themselves if clicked while set to lower than max amount. They also expel all their contents if the slider is adjusted below the amount currently stored, instead of just the extra amount. You also cannot manually enter a number above 999kg in the oxydizer tanks text box and can only select numbers higher on the slider
  9. it frequently even damages insulated for me, especially on the initial build. rebuilding the pipe typically fixes it though
  10. Slicksters can move thru the top door for some reason. I also don't think pnuematic doors should show a flooded message
  11. Security Door in poi_swamp_frag_doorway is missing backing material and as such allow gases and liquids to pass through when closed
  12. pumping crude oil and presumably other fluids into oil well stops oil well from consuming water and producing oil, but it continues to produce natural gas
  13. you're mistaken on the nature of the bug. Everything says it 'melts at 260' but nothing does. steel has a melting point of 2427C. bast doors getting destroyed is caused by bunker doors closing on regolith. It does seriously need to be fixed though, i lose so many doors to this and they're very expensive
  14. can confirm. happens on one of my saves as well. seems very rare though
  15. Copy settings on critter dropoff doesnt copy the new autowrangle settings