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[New info 29.10] Randome Dups are stuck on "Showering" / "Going to eat" whole day long [SU-291278]

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Fixed

Version: SU-290532 of 21 oct 2018

Duplicants just staying near Shower with no action for whole day. Dup's status telling it still showering, while building says it's "Not allowed by schedule". All of this are captured on screenshot. 

Then it come "Downtime" Dups just moving forward to her business without status of "showered". Screenshot:


Showering SU-290532.png


Bug progression.

Version: SU-291278 29 oct 2018

Now dups stuck or random tasks, like "going to eat"

Screenshot. Catalina staying near fridge deciding what to eat. It's difficult task, as you can see by the Cycle time.





Steps to Reproduce
Sometimes Dups are stuck during "showering" action, before "taking shower".

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
31 minutes ago, Gwido said:

Also see this bug, once.

Fortunately, ask the duplicant to move free him from this bug. :)

Yes. Moving are help. Changing scheduler also help.

But I notice it then my colony got starve, while only cook staying all day long near shower, thinking of meaning of being. (◣_◢)

Just find it again with another dups. Bathtime at the end of the day this time. And near any shower. Every few cycles.

Starting Colony few days ago after update.

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my grammar are bleeding

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It's a problem with the piping of the shower output. In the past the dupes stopped showering and continued shortly after stopping, but with the recent update they are stuck in the showering task. I changed the piping of the showers in my colony and the problem was gone. I had the outputs in a row with sink and lavatory like you seem to have. Now i have a liquid bridge right next to the shower output up or down and no direct connection with the outputs from sink and lavatory.

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