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Metal Refinery Coolant temperature

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I wonder is it intended.

After metal refinery(made with ceramic) output pipe damaged and destroyed due to overheat, refinery can be used anyway.

In this case used coolant works strange. temperature is added based on used(heated) coolant, regardless temperature of prepared coolant.

What I expected was that used coolant stacked in machine may have mass-weighted average temperature between 'before used coolant+heat' and 'existing heated coolants' but it added mass of coolant and add temperature on top of existing used coolant temperature.

I made not to repair damaged output pipe(because in current temperature it may damage immedeiately) used it more with quite low temperature coolant(around 40'C polluted water)

After all, the refinery has 9.5 tons of 535'C polluted water, I force empty it and it release a bottle of overheated polluted water and turned into extream dense steam.

Steps to Reproduce
As described. Damage output pipe of metal refinery with overheat, turn off auto repair of the pipe, use the refinery more with safe temperature coolant.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

The output pipe was not really damaged because of overheating, but because the water comes out at more than 100°C. So, the same way than cold water that damage pipes because of freezing, the water at more than 100°C becomes gas, and then damage the pipe.


So, to prevent that, you just have to make sure your coolant won't come out at a temperature that exceed evaporation limit. ;)

You can also use petroleum, that a higher limits, and also cold quickly. That's what I use for my steel refinery, currently, and it work great.


For the water that stacks and heat more and more when the out pie is broken, it's a well known problem for months. :) 

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True, but the refinery accepts water, so it should work. If this is a problem, because its changing state inside the pipe, the refinere should no longer accept water or p-water, because, system-related, this will break the pipe. 


There are 2 solutions for KLEI: reduce heat output, so coolant wont evaporate and cool down to liquid on output, or disable using liquids with too low evaporation-limit.

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In a way, it's part of the gameplay to pay attention to this on our side.

It works well with water too. You just have to be sure you put water at a temperature low enough to support the process.

The information about how much the coolant will be heat is available in the recipe. So it's our to pay attention to this info. ;)


The only problem for Klei is the water that heat more and more inside the refinery while the output pipe is broken. ;) 

All other points is part of the gameplay.

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People keep reporting this ( search first? ), but Klei keeps ignoring it.  It seems like they aren't monitoring this forum anymore.


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Changed Note: to In the next major release, the metal refinery will cease working if the output pipe is blocked, so it won't be able to stack up infinite coolant like this

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