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Memory Leak?, Game slow down after accepting new dub

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Game began to stutter and use a large amount of memory.

Steps to Reproduce
I have played ONI for 20 cycles with no problems (only 4 dubs). Than I accepted my 5th dub and the game began to stutter and use 4GB of RAM.

User Feedback

I have same issue (on last build 206915), not sure tho that it connected to new dup as in my case it started a while after i accepted him. Game become very slow - like 5 fps and also it using 3.3gb memory and it happening most cases on early cycles, this world it was only 13 cycle for me.

Save game - quite, start again - load will fix it. But after this i usually coming to have other bugs like jumping and endless increasing dirt item on flor.

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My game always pushes up to max memory usage eventually. I have 8 GB installed, it goes up to ~7.8 GB working, between 8.1 and 8.4 GB private. I'm reporting three bugs with the same save file, so I guess I will upload it three times.


edit: And yes, it did this just now, fully up to date.

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