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"Materials Study Terminal" does not always generate Errands when ready

Captain Pumpkin
  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

The Materials Study Terminal will sometimes not generate any errands for Duplicants to begin research even though the Materials Study Terminal's prerequisites for errands have been met. (The "Errands" tab of the Materials Study Terminal will have no pending errands.)

As a result, no Duplicant will perform Materials research, and (if this is the only station on which you're waiting, which is common) all research will halt. 

This can be fixed by saving and reloading.


Obviously, if no research branch has been selected (Or: All Materials research on the current branch has already been completed), the Materials Study Terminal will have no available errands; this is working as intended. (Also if no Duplicant has the appropriate skill.)

Somewhat less obviously, if the Materials Study Terminal has <10 Radbolts, the Materials Study Terminal will have no available errands; this is also working as intended.

But a Materials Study Terminal that has > 10 Radbolts already stored AND has unfinished Materials research queued will sometimes never update the "Errands" tab to provide an errand for any Duplicant to come research (even though its conditions to permit research have been met).

Upon saving and reloading the game, the same Materials Study Terminal (with no changes) properly generates errands and Research may resume.



Steps to Reproduce

1. Make sure that a built Materials Study Terminal is powered.

2. Select a branch of Research that requires Materials research.

3. Supply the Materials Study Terminal with at least 10 Radbolts

4. Make sure at least one Duplicant has been granted the Materials Research skill

 ??? I'm unsure what specifically triggers the bug. In most cases, once I have completed these steps, the Materials Study Terminal creates an Errand and a Duplicate can begin research. AT FIRST, everything is working fine. In all likelihood, my current block of research will complete.

But it will not continue working, even with additional research queued and additional radbolts supplied. Eventually, I will find all research halted, all waiting on the MST, which offers no Errands despite being ready for use in every way. Despite being used just a moment before.

5. If the Materials Study Terminal has insufficient Radbolts, OR no branch requiring Materials research selected, OR the current research has been completed, Research will be impossible on that station, no Errand will be available and the Station will go unused (which is normal).

However, the player will eventually find research halted, investigate why this one station can't be attended by a Duplicate, carefully check or recreate Steps 1-4 above, yet the MST will STILL have no errands, except that upon Saving and Reloading, suddenly it works just fine.

User Feedback

I sometimes have the same problem when there are less the 10 radbolts available or when the current research is finisht and i select a new research before the dupe has finisht it's clapping animation.

I do not need to reload the game, i press disable and enable the material research station directly after each other (no need to wait for a dupe) and then deselect research and reselect it and a dupe will start researching so there is at least no reason to reload.

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i also recognised this problem many times already.
but i would rephrase it and say "the terminal is loosing it's Errands" , because it had errands already and a dupe has been working on the terminal already but then something happens and the terminal does not have any Errands anymore (although still fueled with radbolts and a proper research task is set up)
i'm not 100% sure what is causing this behavior but i think it has something to do with the moment when a radbolt hit the Terminal.
Normaly i not recognise when it happens but one time i saw it live: a dupe was working at the terminal when a radbolt hit it and gave it new fuel, the dupe then immediately walked away although there was still work to do at this terminal. i checked the Errands tab of the terminal and it has been emptied somehow.
but maybe it was just a coincidence. i'm still not sure what's the cause of this problem or how to reliably reproduce it...

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There is another Workaround: Just toggle the currently researched item off and on again in the research tree. This will also generate an errand in the materials study terminal.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

There's a potential fix for it on public testing. We haven't had any luck in reproducing the bug unfortunately but appreciate all the details provided in this thread.

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I updated and did the final level of research without is stopping.

Not sure if that is 100% a fix, but before it would stop every several minuets, 


One note, when all the research is done, you get a "No Research Selected" as long as the material science lab is built.

This has been happening since it was added to the game.


Thanks for the fix, this one has been bugging me each time I do a new map.

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