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  1. The Materials Study Terminal will sometimes not generate any errands for Duplicants to begin research even though the Materials Study Terminal's prerequisites for errands have been met. (The "Errands" tab of the Materials Study Terminal will have no pending errands.) As a result, no Duplicant will perform Materials research, and (if this is the only station on which you're waiting, which is common) all research will halt. This can be fixed by saving and reloading. NOTES: Obviously, if no research branch has been selected (Or: All Materials research on the current branch has already been completed), the Materials Study Terminal will have no available errands; this is working as intended. (Also if no Duplicant has the appropriate skill.) Somewhat less obviously, if the Materials Study Terminal has <10 Radbolts, the Materials Study Terminal will have no available errands; this is also working as intended. But a Materials Study Terminal that has > 10 Radbolts already stored AND has unfinished Materials research queued will sometimes never update the "Errands" tab to provide an errand for any Duplicant to come research (even though its conditions to permit research have been met). Upon saving and reloading the game, the same Materials Study Terminal (with no changes) properly generates errands and Research may resume.