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  1. Don't think aliens you should fight are a good theme for ONI, but I like the idea of only getting new dupes via unfreezing them and not having the printer at all. Would like to see this as a gameplay variant.
  2. Yes, I love the limiters! Will they count a smaller unit of Liquid/Gas? Like, will it count the 5 Kg of liquid and 10 Kg of liquid packet as one unit? If so, it might be better to make the counter itself stop the flow until it has enough for an entire packet.
  3. Wait, what if that dock is on another planetoid and I'm producing them on a different one? And yes, this is what I was trying to avoid in fact, would like a single container. That would be a nice addition, to add sliders for any material in the container.
  4. Like the title says, I would like to transfer a specific amount between planets via either a rocket or the transporter. Say I would like to send exactly 1 Atmo suit, how would I do this? Also, any way to do this for say 1000 Kg copper and 1000 Kg dirt in the same container? I fell like I'm missing a simple method that's not just making a separate container limited to one resource.
  5. Oh God I can see it now, an udder shaped rocket engine. Spewing milk. It has to happen now.
  6. I actually meant for Gassy Poo to be a completely separate specific material that's only used for the super Micronutrient, but having it be actually solid state Natural gas would also be welcome. Especially if it's in much greater quantities than they currently produce.
  7. Weeeell, what if it was on a specific planetoid chalk full of indestructible puzzle elements? Like a giant Jigsaw style deathtrap Planetoid, so it doesn't bother you in your colony asteroids
  8. This is a great idea, and I would like to see this as a way to prevent meteor showers on your planetoids. You find the shower event, and if you reach it and "disperse" it with a specialized module of sorts, it doesn't reach your planetoid.
  9. I would also love some more puzzles that are actually important in the world, but ones that are not De - constructible and you actually have to do them. And of course they should give a prize to match as well.
  10. The Gassy Moo planetoid is getting cooler every update which is nice to see, but currently there is no "economic" reason to go out of your way to tame them other than the 2 in-game achievements and the "look, I have a space cow" feeling. That, and the exorbitant amount of meat, which you likely won't need since if you have the means to domesticate a Gassy Moo, you likely solved your food issues long ago. Currently, they are much more trouble than they are worth beside their cool factor and the feeling of challenge to domesticate them. So a couple of things to do to make them more worth the investment (One or multiple of these combined): 1) A simple straightforward buff to what they already provide. Currently it takes about 11 Gassy Moos to supply 2 Natural Gas generators at all times, which doesn't even closely recuperate the power costs of domesticating such a large amount of them, considering they need 22 Gas Grass plants to be sustained, which in turn is 11 Kg of liquid chlorine per cycle. Simply improving these numbers and making them produce considerably more Natural Gas (Where 2 or 3 of them can supply a single generator) or reduce their diet requirements making them easier to keep would go a long way. 2) Gassy Moo's can now be milked for Gassy Milk, which in turn can be used to make Gassy Ice Cream out of Gassy Milk and water (In the microbe musher or the juicer for example). This food will grant little Kcal, but will grant the Duplicants the Ambrosial +6 moral in food quality and give duplicants "Buoyant" trait for 2 cycles granting them +3 athletics. 3) Gassy Moo's can now excrete Gassy Poo, which can be used in the Farming Station to produce Gassy Micromanure which works exactly like the Micronutrient except it triples the growth rate for 1 cycle rather than doubles it, and reduces the plant's irrigation and fertilization requirements by half (Which can be used on the Gas Grass itself to reduce Liquid Chlorine requirements) 4) Gassy Moo's can excrete a rare resource, a brand new one not obtainable otherwise. Sadly, this isn't something I can thematically brainstorm and go into details, but preferably it should be used in rocketry (For a unique more efficient rocket fuel or the like).
  11. Started building a rocket on the exterior, the platform is finished, but the sugar engine isn't appearing in the build menu: Is this some weird bug, or am I just missing something obvious?
  12. There's currently lots of talking about automating rocket behavior such as deliveries. While I haven't delved much into complex automation itself, I can see the appeal, and I think the following simple buildings would go a long way in facilitating this: Interface wise, both of these buildings can be paired up by simply clicking one and assigning it the other. Since asteroid rotation is not a significant game mechanic other than the day/night cycle, we'll assume that they don't need to be facing each other since that would needlessly complicate things. A 4 bit variant can also be a thing: Additionally, a nifty red/green laser shooting out into the sky at a constant or blinking intervals would be a nice animation for this.