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Junior Cook is doing anything but cooking

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: OSX Pending

As evident from attached screenshot, Nisbet, a Junior Cook, is deconstructing a ladder, whereas Camile, an Apprentice Architect, is doing the Mushing on the Microbe Musher (which is set to priority 5*)


Steps to Reproduce
I have every dupe assigned a Job, so maybe trying to do that will repro the issue...

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


I found that I had to frequently tell a dupe to move away from the microbe musher multiple times before my cook would finally decide that it was time to cook.

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.... ....

Yeah as long as others can still do the job if they reserve it first the cook will not kick them off of the machine. Not exactly a bug but maybe poor implimentation? Other jobs have the same issue, I think as well as disabling everyone from doing one job like cooking you should have the cooks only be able to cook XD

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