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  1. I get this as well. Here is what it looks like:
  2. Start a game on OSX and see the UI view... This is not the case on Windows, where things look normal, like in the Live branch.
  3. I am experiencing the same problem. Except I'm using the official release version.
  4. When a Loud Sleeper sleeps in a room with a Pneumatic Door, the noise gets out of the room, but the same does not happen with Airlock. This makes building bedrooms pointless, as the Pneumatic Doors no longer isolate noise.
  5. After placing a Farm Station the produced Micronutrient Fertilizer is not being listed in the items list on the right, nor is it available in the storage containers for selection. Using build OC-254091
  6. As evident from attached screenshot, Nisbet, a Junior Cook, is deconstructing a ladder, whereas Camile, an Apprentice Architect, is doing the Mushing on the Microbe Musher (which is set to priority 5*)
  7. I have the same issue... As visible on the attached screenshot, Ada is currently digging a Granite tile, and the next tile to the right, also made of Granite, is queued for digging, but has no [X] overlay on it.
  8. In a latest preview of "Hats", the Junior Interior Designer gets double counts on Decor requirements (as shown from attached Screenshot of Mi-Ma stats showing "Duplicants in this job have low decor standards: +25" being displayed twice, despite "Jobs" menu saying [implying] that it should only happen once)
  9. Great to see germs sensors, would be great if a power sensor could be added as well, so that things like enabling/disabling things depending on the available charge in the batteries, etc can be automated. (for example only run generator when power is needed, or batteries empty)