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A bulk gas deletion system can be demonstrated simply by forcing upward mobile gases into this cap such that they are confined from moving up or side to side and confined from combining with gas packets below them; an alternative mirrored system with a vent on the ground to delete heavy gases is expected though I haven't tested it yet. The system is unable to displace the gas covering the vent and just deletes it regardless of mass or temperature. I do not believe this only occurs with high pressure vents, but I think it is easy to demonstrate with them.










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I have three gases in a tall chamber that is 1 tile wide. At the top of the chamber is a three tile high cap with a high pressure vent. The snap shots show a packet of hydrogen gas bubbling up into this cap and being confined to the tile covering the high pressure vent. The vent then emits steam which deletes the hydrogen gas; I checked and tallied up the mass in the hydrogen mass to the left side, and the mass was not add to it; it is just deleted. Running the machine under various conditions of lower or higher gas pressure shows that the mass of the packet doesn't matter; it will as readily delete 100Kg of hydrogen gas as it will delete 1 mcg. The specific choices of gases is not really relevant here; this isn't specific to just hydrogen, steam, and carbon dioxide. Provided that the combination of gas choices result in a gas that rises above the others and the vent expels a gas that is not the gas or gases that rise to cover the vent. While these screenshots were taken when I had a few mods active, this behavior can be demonstrated in unmodded sandbox and presumably the unmodded base game as well.

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This has been in the game for a while, I'm not sure if its intended or if they just haven't figured out a way to solve that issue. I know that you can delete gas by pushing gas inside of mechanical doors and "crushing" the gas away. This can be done to a lesser extent by building a solid block in a gas packet diagonally too.

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.... ....

In this case, it is caused by a combination of rules including the "one element per tile" mechanic. I am exploiting the rising property of Hydrogen (hydrogen generally can't move down except to fill an empty space or merge with another hydrogen packet). The specific combination of how hydrogen is allowed to move and the mutual exclusivity of elements in a tile results in an impossibility condition for the hydrogen packet.

In real world physics, the hydrogen packet has a path to escape, and if it were confined by an infinite well, it would end up engaging in quantum tunneling to escape. The sum total effect would be that it would spontaneously move from the confined location to the mass of hydrogen on the left as if it had taken a different path.

Besides a lack of a universal conservation of mass law in the game mechanics, the problems is the total confinement of the solid blocks. In real world physics, the solid blocks are actually in some sense porous even under the best of conditions; the conservation of mass and fundamental quantities as well as path of least resistance wins out over the confining ability of a physical boundary.

Solid block containers in Oxygen Not Included aren't leaky which results in these deletions. This machine demonstrates one particular case of gas deletion, but we can demonstrate this with doors and other machines, and it is presumable and likely provable that it happens "naturally" all the time due to similar conditions being reached by combinations of rules resulting in contradictory conditions that necessitate the mutual exclusivity of the mass of a packet on the one hand and the total impermeability of tile on the other hand.

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This is fairly common with a setup in my base as well--I have the magma layer exposed and pipe crude/petrol down to make sour gas. As such I have hundreds to thousands of kilos of sour gas per tile. Any anomalous gas (Steam, occasionally CO2 somehow) that goes through my door compressors into a space where it doesn't fit is just deleted. I find this easier than trying to remove steam by other means, but it is still anomalous. For example in the left of the screenshot attached, both natural gas and steam hang out above sour gas (mostly), and the steam can't merge with the natural gas and will be deleted when it is a low (relative to the other high pressure gasses) quantity. I haven't had rogue gasses in a while, but saw it happen way back.

It'd be interesting to see a solution, but I don't really view it as a big problem. As mentioned, doors can delete things too, so it's more of just a normal mechanic in my mind.


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