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Game crashes , windows close when selecting dupes

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I'm getting crashes when im trying to play in one of the hard asteroids, no mods and default game settings. 

Also, Easiest game settings also crash. 

Linux OS - PopOs

Edit : crashes when you have to choose your initial dupes. 

Edit 2 : crashes also creating on the default asteroid with space out dlc selected on Not Sweat. 


@nome @EricKlei

Steps to Reproduce

Select Not Sweat 

Select Space out 

Select any World, 

Crashes when dupe selection appear. 

Also crashes when you try to modify the game settings to the easiests. 

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I found the pid of my steamwebhelper process (the parent one launched by the shell script) using "ps fax" then did "strace -f -o /tmp/steam.trace  -p 4112" to attach strace to it. Then I launched oxygen not included. This gives a little bit of extra noise but it's not too bad, especially since it'll print the PID of Oxygen Not Included so you can grep just that out of the log.

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i wanna add , i can load my saved game but i can't start a new one. 

Crashes on select dupe screen, the windows suddenly closes. 

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That's why I had you use "ps fax", it presents a little forest view so you can see the process parentage. I picked the most parenty one, the one spawned by sh, since that'll include all the subprocesses under it. You could also launch the game and see which steam process it winds up parented to before doing it again with strace attached if you want to have cleaner logs.

Thanks for the extra detail. I'm looking forward to the strace because this sounds vaguely like another linux issue we had not long ago and I want to see if it's the same or not.

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I tried to attach the process but the game suddenly closes ( i didn't  know if this had to happend ) when the menu screen appears, the first one give me nothing, change the proccess and this one gave me 2.3mb file

I don't know if this helps you. 



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