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Duplicants do not wake up for work

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Should Dupes wake up or continuing sleeping when it's time to work?

Several of us old-timers clearly remember that Dupes used to have properly functioning alarms and would wake up when it's time to go to work. To quote @Saturnus : "It's completely illogical to me that the dupes can just ignore work and get up whenever they feel like it, like they were some gen-Z interns.".

However, they will currently happily sleep through work slots.

Can Dupe get back their alarm clock?

Note that it is not a Mergedown issue, that behavior change pre-dates the last pre-MD version still available on Steam. I checked that by temporarily switching.


Edit: the capture shows the wrong version because of this bug: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni/wrong-branch-r31313/

I re-tested afterwards by properly deactivating the DLC in Steam, and that behavior was indeed already present in CS-469300.


Steps to Reproduce
  • Make a schedule with only one Sleep slot, followed by Work, and ensure the Dupe is tired enough not to recover in that single Sleep slot.
  • Let the game run, Dupe goes to sleep.
  • At the start of the work slot, the lazy Dupe forgot his alarm and happily sleep instead of going to work.
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User Feedback

This behavior goes all the way back to the Expressive Update where schedules were first introduced IIRC. Build #280450 in this screenshot. I've always advocated one and only one sleep block because of this behavior. Maybe it got changed in some isolated build or two, but more likely the "old-timers" are just talking out their ass misremembering.


The first schedule ticked over to work, yet Catalina still sleeps.


Besides why would you want to change the behavior anyhow? They sleep just enough and no more which is perfect. If you really insist on waking them up before they are fully rested, just stick a mech door under them. The "old-timers" can even hook it up to some pointlessly complicated water clock automation and call it super efficient or something.

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