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Duplicant freaks in place, screams and dies!!!

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This shows the duplicant caught in a weird glitch


This is a 2nd variant of the other bug. in this case you start to hear weird scary scream noises and you have your duplicant frozen in a scary death scream


Steps to Reproduce
Unknown. I have save files
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User Feedback

I see 3 possible problems in your videos:

1. the door on the left is one of those things, that may produce a pathfinding error. 

2. Your dupe is dying because of no oxygen, and is desperatly looking for a reachable pocket of oxygen, but there is none.

3. you are using a modded world gen. This can cause all sorts of errors. 

Unless you encounter this bug on a non modded world, with oxygen in reach, i dont think this counts as a valid bug.

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I have seen that specific "freaking out" animation - when the duplicant shakes - when they are taking a Curative Tablet. I believe the appropriate animation for them taking a Curative Tablet is the eating animation, but that is not always properly called.

The "screaming" you are hearing is the sound of a duplicant repeatedly calling the cured sound.

The location where the duplicant "freezes" is simply the location where it is able to reach the curative tablets - I assume of course you are storing the curative tablets in the fridge.

It looks to me like there is conflict/race condition between curing (eating the curative tablet) and suffocating in the one video, and curing, suffocating, and dying in the second video. In other words the duplicant loops between these actions, causing the "screaming" and "freaking out".

I am at a loss though to explain the stuttered response to the move command.

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Nice noticing the curative tablet.

I will move the curative tablets to another fridge... where there is air so the poor thing does not have to freak out in indecisions between eating, taking a pill or running for air.


I'm pretty sure that is the issue too as I tried to change route options and that had 0 change in getting freaky. He is acting up every lunch break now and always with the pill in hand...

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