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Building tile vertically makes resources vanish

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If you have dupes build a vertical wall where an existing "natural material" wall is, all the resources that drop down from the material removed in order to place the tiles vanishes rather than being pushed out horizontally toward the dupes (empty squares).

Steps to Reproduce
Have your dupes build a tile wall where a natural wall already exists. Look for the natural materials they removed.

User Feedback

I presume the fallen materials are shunted upwards and might be embedded in the natural ceiling. Regardless, the game should notice it can't place materials in something else and attempt to drop it on any free (random) sides.

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In my testing, materials that can't move to an empty tile will stay in place (they aren't destroyed). Creating an empty tile above or below will then cause the (hidden) material to move to that empty tile. I guess that's one way to avoid sweeping...

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It is misleading mechanism though. It should always find nearest free tile. If construction has occured, it means that there was a tile, where dupe could stand.

I think that today it looks for nearest vertical free tile and doesn't look around. It shoould though IMHO. For example in picture below the seed should fall down the ladder or displace itself towards toilet.

Also there is no intel that in the tile is something 'burried'. With natural tiles, there is this information.


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