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Awful Performance Bug since last update

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Closed

Since the last patch, selecting a dupe results in massive performance drop.

I have attached 2 screenshots showing the difference, but the FPS drop doesn't even begin to describe how horrendous it really is, it is literally flick screen.


You can see my CPU load on the 2nd core which seems to be the one ONI runs on is only at 16% so must be a bug in the code somewhere.

Dupe selected.png

no dupe selected.png

Steps to Reproduce
Select a dupe while running the game

User Feedback

18 hours ago, fatheroctopus said:

Hi, can you attach your save as well (instructions in link)? When you refer to a difference since the last patch, is that for the automation update with the new content, or one of the recent hotfixes? Thanks for the report!


Bizarrely it appears to have gone away, it was after the last hotfix. If it returns I will upload a save game as well.

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