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Autosweeper loads a disabled conveyor loader

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Even if a conveyor loader is disabled by automatic, autosweeper will still load it. The only thing that automation controls is whether the item will be transported or not, but it seems broken to load a loader that will not transport.

Steps to reproduce:

- load the attached save

- make sure to set the critter sensor limit to 10, so that it's disabled (that's another bug actually, the sensor does not save its setting)

- set the loader to accept critter eggs

- the autosweeper will load them



Steps to Reproduce
See above.
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User Feedback

Apparently this is still an issue, even after Recreation Pack.

I've gotten around it (somewhat) by using Fumihiko's Customize Buildings mod, and setting receptacles and loaders to a maximum capacity of 20kg.

Folks, let's be real here.  1000kg is fine in some situations, but absurdly overkill in most others.  This is ESPECIALLY TRUE when dealing with food stuffs.  You do NOT want 1000kg of pincha peppernuts camped out in your receptacle when you really need those blasted raw eggs to come through before they spoil.  If we REALLY need more than 20kg of storage in the receptacles and and loaders themselves, then we can just plop a storage container next to it.

In fact, it would be VERY NICE if you just made it so we can adjust how much storage capacity individual Conveyor Loaders have - just like existing storage containers, with that slider bar at the top of their settings window.  (In other words, this is already a feature in your game's engine.  You just need to apply it to Conveyor Loaders as well.)  Unless I'm mistaken, this will also determine how large the loads on the conveyor rails are, which would be great because even 20kg of food is a hell of a lot of food, and even a colony with 50 dupes will take more than a few cycles to work through that amount.

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