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automation power shutoff not working properly

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power shutoff doesn't always work properly sometimes.

in the picture below you can see my automation with a battery setup as you can see the power shutoff doesn't create the connection as it should.457140_20180918020321_1.thumb.png.c8378fa8a4163df74af415b6360555e0.png

reloading / restarting the game does not solve the issue, thus the failure is still present in the safe I added in this post. I Use the same system 2 more times in this save and there it does work properly.

rebuilding seems to change the state of the power shutoff. but it doesn't always start working properly after rebuilding.



Steps to Reproduce
no clue just came across it maybe the save helps.

User Feedback

I had trouble with this the other day too.  I think it gets confused if the power line does not actually run all the way through the shutoff to something else.  Make sure your power lines are complete.  Even after I did that I think it still wasn't behaving right until the automation wires changed state once or twice, then things sorted out.


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problem with the automation of the power shutoff sometimes start with a new build but also when I load the game the issue is also present even though it had been working fine for over a 100 cycles. the game was unpaused and already running a full cycle. it really is starting to bug me

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I have the same issue, can post saves/screenshots. This is the first time I come across this but many of my power designs rely on this tool. In my case automation signal20190818154356_1.thumb.jpg.bf3b4afd396c519ef6de834a89b278f2.jpg is red but shutoff stays connected, leading to overloads.

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