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Auto-Sweeper not able to deliver slime to hfarming tile

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After the update my sweeper is no longer able to deliver slime to the farm tiles. 




Steps to Reproduce
1. build farm tile 2. build sweeper below it 3. try to let sweeper deliver fertilization

User Feedback

It looks like there might be a couple of problems here

One is that your Conveyor Receptacle is one tile too far away from the Auto-Sweeper. Even though the "top" part of the Receptacle is within the Sweeper's range, the game is currently only checking the base or "bottom" tile location to determine distance to any building.

After moving the Receptacle closer, the sweeper will still only deliver to the nearest 3 farm tiles, due to the way that line of sight is calculated between the Sweeper and each tile. Basically the nearer tiles are blocking the "view" of the farther tiles. This can be solved by moving the Sweeper lower so it has a better angle to all of the farm tiles.

If you do those things and it still doesn't work, please let us know!


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@Brook: Thanks for the quick feedback.

I would be fine, if this is just misinformation on my side. But just to clarify: I build this setup in EU. It was working back then. Is it intended that the interaction tile of the Conveyor Receptacle was moved in one of the last patches

After some reflection, I retract my bugreport. My dupes must have been using "wild" slime all along. Sorry for the false positive.

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Actually there still are issues with sweepers, in EU my sweeper could supply an incubator with egg from Receptacle (I remember playing with it around - ordering incubator to start and then canceling it to make sweeper drop the egg), now it doesn't work.

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