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Algae Terrarium working incorrectly

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1. Algae Terrarium works even when there is no carbon dioxide in the air.

2. It constantly outputs oxygen as long as the air pressure is not too high.

How It should be working:

1. It should be the equivalent of a carbon skimmer.

2. If it indeed should output O2 always, it should only consume water and make it into PH2O when there is CO2. Otherwise, it should just consume Algae (at an equivalent rate as that of the Oxygen Diffuser)

Steps to Reproduce
Place Algae Terrarium where there is no CO2. Still works.

User Feedback

Not a bug

Pressure and CO2 doesn't effect the O2 production of algae terrariums

Only light gives a 10% boost

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As the others have mentioned, it is working this way by design. Thanks for bringing up the concern though, we appreciate you taking the time!

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