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Wurt's inconsistency with wetness

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Wurt says she loves water whenever she's getting wet due to rain, but she still receives a sanity penalty while at high wetness as well as for equipping wet items.

Also, wet fish die faster even in her inventory, which doesn't make a lot of sense considering that fish live in water.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Be Wurt
2. Increase your wetness and notice the arrow on the sanity meter
3. Equip wet items and notice the arrow get larger
4. Compare the time it takes for a dry fish to die in her inventory vs. the time it takes for a wet one (due to rain) to die.

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User Feedback

Also included:
Wurt actually enjoys using Worm Holes ("Wheeeeee!"), but still looses sanity by using them.
Wormwood enjoys to fertilize himself with manure but looses sanity if Splumonkeys do "fertilize" him with manure.

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