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PS4 DST still can’t join friends only worlds

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The game still doesn’t allow friends to join a friends only world on the PS4. It gives an error telling the person they can’t join because they are not friends with the host, when they are. Any ETA on this bug? it’s been with us for at least 8+ months, thanks.

Steps to Reproduce

Try to join friends after they set their world to friends only. 

User Feedback

Hi there, sorry to hear you're having problems with this. Can you check that your profile is not set to "Appear Offline"? That's caused some problems in the past. If it is, can you change it to "Online" and try again?

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I have the same problem, to get past this I set my world to public with password that works, also joining to party is working 

This way you can still play with friends. 

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