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  1. If it’s a 1% chance then I should have seen the drop once from killing 100 though. I’ve farmed it this way a bunch of times and it’s always dropped before within 100 krampus. Now have 28 krampus per rollback and it’s still the same lol.
  2. I killed over 300 krampus on PS4 and no sack, it was working a few weeks ago but for some reason it’s not dropping.
  3. Can’t join a friends server on PS4 when you’re uk and they’re overseas. It’s been like this for at least a year. Invites from the player also cause the same error, it doesn’t recognise that the player is in your friends list.
  4. The host of any world I join isn’t appearing under encounters on the PS4. Also if you select to remove a player from your encounters you get the attached error and have to close the game.