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  1. Got his flower but he didn’t appear. Went back the next full moon and no flower. His flower is acting as though he’s alive (see image) but he’s not following it or respawning on new full moons.
  2. Thermals only cool fully in a fridge in summer for me. The seasons seem to affect them. Check if they are going icy cold when summer comes around. If not then definitely sounds like a bug.
  3. The game still doesn’t allow friends to join a friends only world on the PS4. It gives an error telling the person they can’t join because they are not friends with the host, when they are. Any ETA on this bug? it’s been with us for at least 8+ months, thanks.
  4. Ok thanks, I’ve just been really lucky in the past then and gotten at least 20 sacks within 100 kills. Not looking forward to trying that again after this time. It dropped after around 700!
  5. If it’s a 1% chance then I should have seen the drop once from killing 100 though. I’ve farmed it this way a bunch of times and it’s always dropped before within 100 krampus. Now have 28 krampus per rollback and it’s still the same lol.
  6. I killed over 300 krampus on PS4 and no sack, it was working a few weeks ago but for some reason it’s not dropping.
  7. Can’t join a friends server on PS4 when you’re uk and they’re overseas. It’s been like this for at least a year. Invites from the player also cause the same error, it doesn’t recognise that the player is in your friends list.
  8. The host of any world I join isn’t appearing under encounters on the PS4. Also if you select to remove a player from your encounters you get the attached error and have to close the game.