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Mandrake interaction bug.

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I was playing with a friend. When i ate a mandrake as Wurt, he (Walter) wasn't drowsy nor fell asleep. He then ate Mandrakes and he was put into sleep and so did everything else around him (birds, moleworms) but I didn't.

I don't know where the bug is but we were both supposed to fell asleep as soon as any of us ate a mandrake. (We then tried this with cooking mandrakes and then eating those cooked mandrakes and the result was the same)

We then summoned a Bearger and put him to sleep with a panflute. When we woke him up, both of us fell asleep after he yawned.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Play with at least Wurt or Walter, or both of them.

2)Cook or eat either a raw or cooked Mandrake.

User Feedback

We both were surprised. As long as i remembered it was global effect. But apparently i'm wrong?

When pigs ate the Mandrake then we both fell asleep...

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