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Creative Glitch

Alchemy Engine
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I already uploaded a glitch about attacking, this is another one that I stumbled upon the other day. 

I was playing with some friends, and the host, (Picklers) gave us all creative mode, we played a little bit and chuckled upon doing most of the stuff. But when he had to restart the world, my tabs were all still green. I couldn't craft anything, even when I had the materials. I tried disconnecting and connecting, didn't work, restarting the game entirely, didn't work. 

Sometimes it would go away, but then after I play on four worlds, it does it again.

Steps to Reproduce
Go on a world, any world. You must have the fixed version of Too Many Items enabled. Hit T to get the tab with all the customization and items you can spawn. at the bottom, close to a skull or sword, and and another button should be a wrench. You then hit it, quit, and then go to another world, and there's a chance that your tabs will stay green, even after you got off of the world.
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