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  1. Quick Draw Webber

    I used Paint, a tool you get on your computer to draw Webber. If you like this, you can tell me who to draw next. It may be bad or good, but I don't mind what you say about it. It took me a decent 30 minutes, and I like it.
  2. Creative Glitch

    I already uploaded a glitch about attacking, this is another one that I stumbled upon the other day. I was playing with some friends, and the host, (Picklers) gave us all creative mode, we played a little bit and chuckled upon doing most of the stuff. But when he had to restart the world, my tabs were all still green. I couldn't craft anything, even when I had the materials. I tried disconnecting and connecting, didn't work, restarting the game entirely, didn't work. Sometimes it would go away, but then after I play on four worlds, it does it again.
  3. Attack Glitch

    Whenever I hit my attack key, my character just runs in circles around the creature and I can't make him stop doing this. People I know on steam have seen this, and experienced it as well. It's very strange and frustrating, especially the fact were some hostile enemy's that can hit you from far away can kill me very easily. Including, The Mactusk Family, Bishop, and Broken Bishop. This bug happens to me most of the time, but sometimes I'm lucky and I am allowed to attack certain creatures. However, I can't really attack hounds, and the mounds that they hide in.
  4. Rushing the Ruins (DST)

    I like how he planned everything out. However, some of them might go horribly wrong and cause you to die, or either lose all your sanity. Also, I kind of find it easier to do those tasks with Wolfgang, but you can have your favorite character while I have my least favorite character. Wickerbottom would probalby, be the ______ at it.
  5. Helping New Players (Public Server)

    Whenever somebody joins when it's day 15+, I go to the spawn, tell them the direction of our base, watch them do stuff, make sure they don't get killed, and try to protect them at all costs. I've died a few times because of the server I'm playing on has PVP and the host doesn't want people to fight, or I get killed because they whack a boss, or a hive of bees and then push me in front of them to take all the damage. One time I almost died because of it, but thankfully, my Marble Suit protected me from the Spider hoard they attracted. It was a huge blow to my health, but worth it cause I saved their life.
  6. Image Wilson, the main character of all the Don't Starve games, mutated with all the other characters. Including: Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom, Woodie, Wes, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Webber, Walani, Warly, Wilbur, and finally Woodlegs. What would Wilson look like. I mean, already mutating him with Webber would look pretty strange. Ten legs, six on top, four on bottom. Wickerbottom, just grab a Wilson image and put glasses on him. Boom!