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  1. im awake


    i slept till like 7:30, i should be so proud, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud.

  2. goodbye ill be back tomorrow


    yaa girllllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    im trying to be cool dont judge me


  3. This dude is a totally tubular brah, that needs to slow his rad game down. YO.

  4. Wow another drawing

    Sorry, I forget when I'm tired. I'mma actually stay up till like 9:00. I'mma get me red bull can and yea. I love you man.
  5. Wow another drawing

    I'm making this at 5:39. I should see a doctor or something. Imma go to bed now, but here's a drawing
  6. The REAL REAL Quick Draw WEBBER

    Thank you my commander.
  7. Guys, after a whole year I've come back to make myself seem like a better person once more. So I made the second quick draw webber, DUN DUN DAHHHHHH. A whole year just for this. ARE YOU PROUD YET?
  8. I'm dying, I have a severe case of, "Don't Starvium Carvium.

    It's a horrifying disease that when given to somebody, gives them Ebola, and then the Aids kick in.

    I'm lightt heaadded while wrtinnggggggg tghissz bZgahilkhjghadhsfrqwerouwpio mggggggggggggggggsdffftrwertwertu;egjdfsg.


    WAIT, what happened?

    1. minespatch
    2. Alchemy Engine

      Alchemy Engine

      I won't make it, tell my mother, she smelt like tuna.



  9. NPC Glitch

    So, I was playing as webber and as usual, pigmen would rush and spank me to death because I was a spider. I got bored after a while, and exited and decided to play as wolfgang. When I got back to the pig village as wolfgang, they were all still hostile. I did what I always say I do, I exited and then rejoined, still got attacked. Tryed a new server, still got attacked, even on a friends server, I got attacked. I logged of steam and got the game up exited out and got it back up, and still, they would still attack me. Can you fix this. And John, I'm not using mods, trust ya home slice bread slice.
  10. Attack Glitch

    I didn't have mods, I was just playing the game.
  11. Quick Draw Webber

    I used Paint, a tool you get on your computer to draw Webber. If you like this, you can tell me who to draw next. It may be bad or good, but I don't mind what you say about it. It took me a decent 30 minutes, and I like it.
  12. Creative Glitch

    I already uploaded a glitch about attacking, this is another one that I stumbled upon the other day. I was playing with some friends, and the host, (Picklers) gave us all creative mode, we played a little bit and chuckled upon doing most of the stuff. But when he had to restart the world, my tabs were all still green. I couldn't craft anything, even when I had the materials. I tried disconnecting and connecting, didn't work, restarting the game entirely, didn't work. Sometimes it would go away, but then after I play on four worlds, it does it again.
  13. Attack Glitch

    Whenever I hit my attack key, my character just runs in circles around the creature and I can't make him stop doing this. People I know on steam have seen this, and experienced it as well. It's very strange and frustrating, especially the fact were some hostile enemy's that can hit you from far away can kill me very easily. Including, The Mactusk Family, Bishop, and Broken Bishop. This bug happens to me most of the time, but sometimes I'm lucky and I am allowed to attack certain creatures. However, I can't really attack hounds, and the mounds that they hide in.