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  2. all of this is absolutely perfect! 'cept for the buying part, that's obviously a bug, I personally think Lamps should act in caves/ruins like they do during aporkalypse.
  3. why are spider monkeys so bad? It's really cool to see something else use Boarilla's base model. obviously they have awful stats because Hamlet is not Forge, and you're alone and not 6. But still. 20 dmg punch? Move speed lower than 6? 500 hp? At least why can't webber befriend them? That'd be the minimum. If they're still WIP then my bad. If they are to be left as is then I would suggest for their punch to cause a player knockdown like forge, at least.
  4. winona and pc culture

    I think Don't Starve is the farthest game from having a PC master race culture lol
  5. Most times i see that behavior, when O² pressure is low and gas start mixing.
  6. got me confused there xD sure.. but it's way more logical to add a bit of water res... the visor does cover his full melon xD and a fan is then another item you have to carry yeap... own gas mask is needed indeed
  7. Lol, I meant the fan for the rain. It works really well. The gas mask helmet would still be needed on the other hand, so it's a good idea.
  8. i'm fine, we need rework of wilson's beards btw wth
  9. Lamps constantly work in the ruins, and shops can be entered at any time, but you can't buy a thing. Pigs never leave their homes and guards don't carry torches Edit: nvm at some point they can't be entered anymore Edit 2: Eartquakes can happend inside buildings and rocks will fall inside
  10. Could care less about the game itself, though I do want to know more about these 4 elite pigs. They each got their own unique skill sets and names. They're a big deal.
  11. Pyrochemistry

    Many elements in oni are already marked as flamable. This seems to be a (at least at the moment) abandoned feature however. If i understood the reasoning correctly, then flamable elements would be very hard to manage at the moment and could lead to catastrophic results. So it is rather unlikely that we will see it in ONI-vanilla edition. There would be alot of potential in it, so i guess the option is still on the table when it comes to future DLCs.
  12. like I said, you could just buy the cat cap at the hat shop and 3.3+ sanity isn't hardly useful
  13. Wortox cinematic ins't really cannon so I dunno if it's smart to take him there for a media reference
  14. A kitchen, a dedicated science lab, a room to keep caged birds, and a room to chill in.
  15. the "media artwork" as you call it appears to be old/beta wilson and isn't relevant anymore if you ask me.
  16. So... Gaining experience in the beta branch, and guess who is about to be unlocked? @SkylordElberich: my sincerest apologies...
  17. They get stiffled and stop growing.
  18. Suggestion: add chemical reactions. I'm thinking specifically of pyrochemistry, namely fire if oxygen touches combustibles above their flash point. Like you have to keep O2 out of where you boil oil, because it will burn. But it could also be useful. Combustion produces very high temperatures (especially with pure O2). If used to run a steam turbine it could be more efficient than using a packaged power generator. Speaking of heat engines. Have you considered making it possible to return radioactive material from space? Radiation suit or abysallite containers to handle. Build tiles of it to make a reactor. The reaction rate can be moderated with different fluids between these tiles. And if you have inadequate cooling / it runs away, it will melt its way to the bottom of your base. Would be more interesting than volcanic heat. You could also make transmutation of materials exposed to radiation possible. Just an idea. A counterflow heat exchanger as a packaged unit would be nice.
  19. While temperature is explained the descriptor "Overheat Temperature" it self is not clearly explained. I think the codex should include an entry on building materials and temperature explanations. Which can lead to confusion 1. Does it add +10 degrees to the ambient heat ( resulting in objects overheating much easier ) or 2. Does it reduce max temperature by 10 degrees from the sorrunding area reducing the temperature difference 3. Does it increase the heat threshold of the temperature by X amount? --- Because of the way Overheat Temperature is essentially setup, there are many possible avenues for interpretation that could easily be solved by adding a few lines into the codex.
  20. We could pretty easily work with a hard cap of like 12-14 skill points, given the amount of worker specialization needed to keep a base running well.
  21. Dupe-A-Day!

    Hah, you know it! I could not let that piece of history be ignored. -Day Two of the Dupe Grind- I'm running out of pose ideas.
  22. Dupes can get skill point without limits,when they got a high morale,every dupelicant can learn all necessary skills,the job has no peculiarity. If we want each dupes mastery only 1 or 2 jobs,the max skill point must be limited,such as 10 points. No dupes should be superman can do all jobs,player need trade-off how to assign jobs.
  23. Saddening But logic. But still saddening I remember that I built farms indoors months ago. There were problems, and I don't remember if the possibility was removed or no. But yeah, probably removed like planting the trees indoors
  24. We need wifi

    I would adore official remote signalling. Been playing a lot with the shipping automation and could do some REALLY cool stuff with a couple channels of remote signal transmission.
  25. The gun accepts turfs as ammo and they stack to 10
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