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Idea for Shops

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I absolutely LOVE the idea of Shops in Don't Starve. But I have 2 problems. Firstly, shops lack VARIETY. There could be so many more items in the shops. The Ice Cube, Beekeeper Hat, Rain Hat and Shark Tooth Crown (among others) could be sold in the Hat Shop. Cactus Flowers/Flesh, Electric Milk, Butter, and Mussels could be sold in the Grocery Store. SINGLE GEMS OF VARIOUS COLORS could be sold in the Arcane Shop. This would add SO much more depth to the Pig Shops. Now comes the second problem. The old Stealing System was admittedly broken, but if we steal items NOW, they are never replaced. At least make it so that a shop will sell ALL of it's items at a given time. Because I don't want to waste my Oincs on things I don't need just to get some Cloth from the General Store.

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