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QOL1 hype squad!

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Man I can't remember when I was so excited for ONI update. Space update was kind of nice but yeah too daunting to start. But QOL1 update feels like polish is getting in and I can't wait for it to start. 1 week is too damn long!

Is next update QOL2? Decisions decisions, when to play to not burn out.

I honestly love multithreading for pipes. :D

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I'm definitely excited for this to go live, and for the rest of the bugs to be worked out. I'm thoroughly enjoying this Duplicant Quality of Life update.

Though, I hope they either knuckle down on squashing these bugs, or postpone the release date. There is still a ton to be done.

Station queueing is still borked and Metal refinery causes crashing. These 2 are urgent. Hope they get to the bottom of it soon. I've sent in about 12 crash reports from "Blackhole ate my game", hopefully others have been clicking that button as well.

Dupes exiting rockets do even weirder things. Some of the plants don't sit right in the Aero-Vases. Art still doesn't seem all that balanced decor-wise as Neotuck pointed out.

But having a nice lush, leafy base with updated artwork is quite nice. Probably the thing I'm most excited about is scanner detection for rockets. Using a water-clock to automate return trips felt mediocre. Having a reason to build the late-game scanner network I spent countless hours designing in a live game is just wonderful...

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