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Extra Asteroids

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A lot of people would love that. Was suggested a few times already. Would be really nice but hard to manage 2 bases at once. Not to mention the fps drops.

Maybe we could get this option later or as DLC similar to Shipwrecked in Don`t Starve.

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This would probably need a lot of optimizations to not completely lag out game. Maybe new game+ instead? Like increased numbers for everything after you leave for better worlds?

Or maybe you get some extra points to increase something like geyser output or something when you start new game when you moved there.

You probably wont be able to take everyone with you :D

Later on you could build a space rocket and bring back the forgotten ones.

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I don't know about "hard" part. If there is people like me, then there's someone, who plays at speed 1, doesn't exceed 12 dupes threshold, and manages things in a way that you can leave a game for 10-20 minutes, and nothing would happen without dupes going into idle.

I would love to see at least "possibility" of this, for moders. I always vote "yay" on anything that adds some more exploration and adventure.

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