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slicksters stop moving

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after an hr of trying to catch one of the 3 slicksters i have uncovered without dropping back down the ladder or having a drekko run to the trap the second it is built had to kill about 7 of them 

now i have one in the co2 room and its just sitting there my poor rancher stops bye once a day to wave at him but nothing so i delete the tile under him and he falls into the oil and 3 cycles later hes gone so 

so i catch one more drop him in the oil and dead 

so i scum save it and build a platform under the tile hes on drop him and finally hes moving again for about 2 cycles and hes back to being hungry and sitting in one spot 

im guessing they are dying because the oil is 200 degrees 

what i dont get is why dont they swim back up to the top of the oil and why do they just sit there acting like they are in a coma 

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Sometimes critter pathing gets broken when the terrain changes. Happens to shove voles trying to climb a tile that gets destroyed by a meteor. Also can often happen to gulp fish when the water levels change based on them filtering polluted water to clean.

Usually saving and loading fixes that. Did you try to do that to unblock the slickster?

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I've noticed this too. (Playing on beta)

Seems to happen when they're sitting above more than 1 tile deep liquid.

It also seems to happen when they are sitting on, or moving through layers of liquid. (Water / petrol on top of oil)

If you can find a way to drain out the liquid under them, and give them a nice space to float around on, this seems to fix the problem.

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