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Fun match as Wes

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MilesUpshore    211

Won as healer Wes in a 5 player match today while trying to complete his quest + it's so fun yet risky

The player who played as healer Wicker disconnected at Swineclops match so welp had to switch to staff (I was runner and then usual dart user for boarrior & later bosses)

Also learnt this strategy of healing the rest (mainly in the middle & where the tanks died) while Woodie kites the Swineclops in a circle (it's a risky strategy though)

Otherwise a good match and a great team overall :D




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SDragonhead    3,415

Wes op!!!!!!

His perk of not gaining aggro is good for healer! He's very very flexible Wes changing roles is so easy to do, use all the weapons and staves!

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