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Request: Visual / Audible sensor alarms

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Hey all,

The folks over on the General Discussion forum suggested I post this here.

I'd love getting a notification when that oil puddle is running out, or maybe a warning when some part of your oxygen production fails. I realize there's usually a way to entirely automate most systems, but for simple or temporary builds, it would be nice.

I'm envisioning a new button in the sensor configuration menu that lets you add some text, maybe a choose a color, and a preset sound. When that sensor reaches its set value, the sound would play, and a message in your chosen color would pop up along with the regular notifications.


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I`ve seen this suggestin before. It`s a nice idea to have notifications you can make yourself. It should be controlled via automation. A 1x1 building you connect to the sensor. Like when oil pressure runs below a threshold it pops a notification

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