Few ideas of making Hamlet be more alive

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All I see right now when I enter the town is just another flock of pigs being annoying, standing around, and manure'ing the place, tho never see them do much; of which I think they should acting like an actual society and do things:

Pick shops should not be only way to buy things - there is a lot of pigs just walking around, why not making them make an offer of a cheaper product?  Would be cool if that would be a thing instead of them just walking around and yelling 'THOUGH GIVE BERRIES' all the time;
Make some shops more expensive, cause deerclops eyeballs and other boss loot items are sure not easy to get since they aren't common and pigs prolly couldn't obtain those any day, also less common in the shop to appear;
Give the museum a purpose instead of only selling relics cause those definitely won't last and are not often even if they were renewable, maybe give him an ability to sell ancient relics you find on the ground in ruins to place somewhere
Make them stop bowing every time whenever near them, once is enough a day;
Make pigs act rude if you caused trouble earlier;
Make up to them by doing tasks or buying their things, or gardening idk;
Make a pig miner or worker useful and make him work for you for money (add a forester chopper pig), send the miner pig to a place to mine in one of bat caves down the hole or something and comeback to his house to get the minerals (use crates or something to open them up with a hammer to get them out;
Hunting parties! Whenever there is an infestation of plants of bugs, some hunters would gather to lower their population and get the loot for themselves unless someone steals them off the ground you never know ;
Add a bar or some structure to house the hunters, and to be able to join them in a hunt or something, maybe some hunt for a scary beast, you never know...
Add town fair once a year 3 seasons, a crazy court jester fooling around and pigs selling stuff, queen roaming, or/and a royal ball at the palace, ticket souvenirs should invite those pigs to it or in some other place as an event

Farmer farms replaced with gorge farms, cause why would you have a player made structure there that you can't break anyway, farms in general are outdated in don't starve or don't starve together :( 
Maybe some gorge foods sold in some royal bakery;
Shops should have a 'sold out' sign on one of the stands, cause stock most likely won't be there all the time, I recommend that farmer pigs would bring that stuff to shops.
Pigs buying things too, since tools run out, or offer tools to pigs to get money, if they don't want to spend more than for what they could get them.
Depending on the relic's condition, the museum owner should offer the amount of money for the condition it is in, shouldn't be too hard to make, just set things that lay on the ground, water or falls from the sealing would be less worth, meanwhile the ones from statues and such would be worth more since chiseled from the source.

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Good ideas. 

* There are house types in the menu.But all home styles are same size. For example a manor should has two rooms like in Palace.

* When you buy a new house there is a fish mount at the wall. there sould be more mount types like mob heads or boss heads as achievement.

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