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  1. Yes i use a few mods but i gues its about with beta branch. i use same mods for too many times nothing new but beta i joined 2 days ago. mods; item skins, backpack slot, smart crockpot and gorge menu skin thats all.
  2. When i was in the ruin suddenly my character disappeared. i saved the game and logged out then i came back and this happened.
  3. 7 repairers on the screen and more at the town. This happened after bat attack at night. Is that normal?
  4. I tried play another world but it was not funny. But I got an update and it solved. Now i can continue to play
  5. I put egg to ground when i was in ruin. Egg disappeared but ro bin didnt appear. So i quit the game without save to get egg back.
  6. Game crash every time when ı try to get in door in the cave. The game stuck there. Restart doesnt work.
  7. The pig lady who sells vegetable and meat in the town stuck between wall and ice.
  8. But ı cant break it with hammer. Its untouchable and still takes up space.
  9. After bat attacks While at the pig town, manure and birds stop spawning until relog in.
  10. In the ruins improved farm isnt work and its unbreakable.