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[SOLVED] Game Crash after Selected The Mods Character

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Hello. I need help. Could anyone help me please? <:'3

I'm very confusing to this issues ,

* After I try to selected my Character, Sometimes.. He Crash the game. *

... It's seem doesn't said any errors line about my mods , But just this :


[00:05:03]: [SpecialEventSetup] Halloween Trinkets added: 67	
[00:05:03]: 1 uploads added to server. From server_temp
[00:05:03]: Telling Client our new session identifier: 3030178A068BBBE2
[00:05:06]: Best lobby region is aws/Sing (ping 40)
[00:05:06]: Registering master server in Sing lobby
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[1] <-> <nil>[1] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[2] <-> <nil>[2] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[3] <-> <nil>[3] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[4] <-> <nil>[4] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[5] <-> <nil>[5] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[6] <-> <nil>[6] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[7] <-> <nil>[7] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[8] <-> <nil>[8] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Validating portal[9] <-> <nil>[9] (inactive)	
[00:05:08]: Attempting to send resume request
[00:05:08]: Resuming user: session/3030178A068BBBE2/A7I1C8QAMBVV
[00:05:08]: ReceiveResumeNotification
[00:05:08]: Deleting user: session/3030178A068BBBE2/A7I1C8QAMBVV/0000000003
[00:05:12]: Validating portal[10] <-> <nil>[10] (inactive)	
[00:05:16]: Registering master server in Sing lobby
[00:05:17]: Spawn request: aikawa from [Host] I LOVE CLAM
[00:05:17]: Skin request: () () () () ()
[00:05:18]: Could not find anim [taunt_pre] in bank [wilson]
[00:05:19]: Spawning player at: [Fixed] (-108.00, 0.00, -60.00)	
[00:05:19]: Serializing user: session/3030178A068BBBE2/A7I1C8QAMBVV/0000000003
[00:05:19]: Deserializing tile data (398 x 398)



- AND THEN              !!!BOOM!!       CRASH TO DEKTOP -



Previous versions it's run very smooth not having this issues.

* or It's crash becasue,   my char is sprites + custom animations ? is to large ?  : o * 

here is my full logs if you want to see it : 


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31 minutes ago, Yagenius said:

Could not find anim [taunt_pre] in bank [wilson]

This sounds bad.

But in order to really know what's happening, we would probably need your server_log.txt files as well. They're in the "Cluster_#" folder matching the server you're trying to start up. They are in numerical order matching your list of servers in the "Host Server" menu, and you can find them in the same folder as your client_log.txt. There is a log for both the Master world shard and the Caves world shard (if caves are enabled).

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Hmm, it probably never gets to the part where it starts the server log, if no one has joined the server properly.

Your best bet is probably the error message about the missing animation, then.

Ehm, now that I look closer at your log, it seems you have the original character mod AND a copy of that mod active at the same time.


They most likely share some naming and such, which might be a problem when loading the mods together. You should at least give your new mod a new prefab name. There's a Prefab("aikawa", bla bla) at the bottom of your modmain.lua, which sets the prefab name. Look for similar problems. There should be a mention of these things in the guide for character mods, which you can find on this forum.

First of all, you can try just starting your server with the original character mod disabled.

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Sorry for the late replay!!


Ummmm.... I think...  , I didn't Active 2 Mods in the same times.

I just Enabled Copy one and run....


Oh!! I have tried your suggestion too!! Enabled just Originals one only !!

and it seem to have a Same Effect....





BTW ...

I have tried to test and give this mods to my friends. And Tell them to : Create / Delete Worlds + Enable my mods only . 

How to check him : ( If you want to test it by yourself X'D. 

AIKA - Copy.rar


Sometime.. you can play him in the first world! :'D!!!!! But !!! 


If you can't play in WORLD 1....


You need to DELETE WORLD 1 


 If Can't play in WORLD 2.. 




 If Can't play in WORLD 3... 


you need to create WORLD##



( LOOP )

( Until you can play him. ) 

HERE is  5 / 5 of my friends is Result  :

They said...




❤❤ If you have any other suggestions you can tell me!!!! I LOVE YOUR ADVICE!!! ❤❤

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It's very weird right !!?  X'''''D 

Ok!!! I have tried to replacing .zip file!!  :D

WOW It's make my mods load faster !!!! <<<33333


but still had the this broken issues ... 





I think It's okay!!... If it can't be fix !! ❤❤

( It's better than nothing!! I can played him in some world !! But if I can't play him ... just repeat the cycle . That's all ~ :'3 ) 


❤❤❤❤ !!! Thank you for all your HELP !!! ❤❤❤❤


btw could I ask you an another Questions about the errors , please ? X'D

( not like this weird issues !!! X'''D )

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No idea what's going on with your game completely crashing. With the new zip file, your mod works fine for me. I think your game files might be broken. Try going to Steam, and Properties for the game. Click Local Files and Verify integrity.

If the game still crashes after that, try turning all mods off.

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Hmmm I have tired Verify integrity and ... it seem can not fixed this issues...



BTW !!! I think I found it!!!

it's because MY!!! FULLMOON FUNCTION !!!  ( Maybe ... I think... )


after I have tried to change this function !!!


local function OnIsFullmoon(inst, isfullmoon)

	if isfullmoon then



To this function !!!




local function OnIsFullmoon(inst, phase)
	if not inst:HasTag("playerghost") and not inst:HasTag("busy") then
		if phase == "full" and inst:HasTag("IAMAIKAWA") then

		elseif phase == "threequarter" and inst:HasTag("IAMTIGER") then


I have testing it about 10 times. and the result is!! : 10/10 I DONT HAVE THIS ISSUES ANY MORE!!! OMG <<<<3333

❤❤❤❤ !! I truly appreciate your kindness !!!! ❤❤❤❤

And I have an new problem X'D , Could I put in this Topic ? Or Create a new topic? : D



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