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Welcome to Fishlet! The Merm equivalent of Hamlet.

In Don’t Starve: Fishlet, Wilson discovers a lost town of so(fish)tocated Merms nestled on a foreboding marshland. Adjust to Merm life with shops, houses, new items, biomes and more, or delve underneath the Merm islands and try your hand at hooking a terrifying new creature in this single player expansion.

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Merm citizens of Fishlet: Magnolia & Micah Merm


Evolution of a new boss?


The Merm King.


The kingship passes to whichever merm has the most fish, rather than down a family line.

Those who eat all their fish rarely become Merm King.

The Merm King's Palace is just a Rundown House with a little crown above the door, or maybe a waving merm flag on top of the roof.

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