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The Sims vs. HVAC Simulation

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I've played about 15 hours or so, made a couple of different bases on a trial and error basis but haven't gotten much past cycle 20. I really like the early game but I have to admit I'm completely bouncing off the pressures, valves, gates, sensors, switches, etc. that are necessary to get any farther. I can't even see those late-game space missions from here, lol.

I seem to be coming at the game from a 90 degree angle - I just wanted to build a nice subterranean habitat for my dupes and make them happy, haha. I like designing an efficient layout to minimize travel time and assigning jobs that the dupes are suited to and researching tech to make the base nicer. It's so close I can taste it, like a cross between Fallout Shelter and The Sims with great cartoon sprites. But it turns out the part I like is just the flavor wrapper around the HVAC simulator everyone else is having a good time with. :)

It would be cool if the game ends up with some kind of modes/mods for a player like me.

Am I the only one out here feeling this way? Until I came and looked at these forums I didn't realize how very far I am from the main play style.


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Good news! There's settings in world generation that let you do this. You can adjust the default requirements for your duplicants to reduce or even remove things such as stress, hunger, and other elements that you don't enjoy. Unfortunately, as the title of the game suggests, oxygen production will still be a necessary component of the game, but by tailoring the difficulty settings to your desires, you can negate a lot of the stresses that the game has from normal difficulty.

If you'd prefer to play the game as a sandbox to create efficient bases for your people to live inside, along with a minigame of breeding cute critters, you can!

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Welcome to the forums. As mentioned above you can customize some difficulty settings to make it easier.

Generally you should take the game slow. Focus on necessary things first. Don`t accept every dupe. First make sure if you can sustain them. Build rooms and try to keep your dupes at low stress. Don`t advance the job tree too fast. Higher level jobs have high morale requirements. Fulfill those first then assign dupes to those jobs. Move slowly to nearby biomes. Watch out for dieseases in the slime biome. Search for water geysers, there should be at least 2 on the map.

Try what works and what doesn`t. Next run you`ll know better how to manage it.

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