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Simple Space Automation

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Just a post to show my space automation since people seem to still struggle.

This setup is in no way my idea, and has been ripped of the posts of people much smarter than I :)  I use airflow tiles since they do not block light and don't transfer any heat.


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Love the simplicity of the airlock door control using the OR gate.  Mine basically functions the same but uses memory gates for that portion (credit to @Mullematsch as it's his design, though I don't think he uses it anymore :D).

Here's my contribution, if you want to save a little power:


Blue section shuts power off to the other 5 scanners.  Red section holds the meteor shower signal, since signal quality drops when the other scanners are shut off.

The rest is pretty much the same as yours, other than the dual memory gates and a few hydro sensors for manual control.



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